What is adventure club?

Adventure Club is a gospel-centered children’s ministry program that is focused on Bible memorization and teaching the truth of God’s Word in a fun, meaningful way. The full curriculum is designed to create opportunities for parents and children to have deeper spiritual discussions at home while working through the lessons, memory verses, activities, and adventure story. This program is designed for children ages three through eleven, and it meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00.

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What's involved?

In Adventure Club, kids learn big truths at an age-appropriate level. They are divided into three age groups: Trackers (ages 3–5), Scouts (ages 6-8), and Trailblazers (ages 9-11). They sing songs that reinforce the truths they are learning, and there is also a time for fun games. Kids are taught a memory verse during teaching time. They recite the verse and learn how it applies to their lives during small group time.


This is a portion of Adventure Club when all the kids are together. They are taught a lesson from the Bible that corresponds to their club book, and they are introduced to a new memory verse.


Small group leaders take the discussion questions and help reinforce the lesson and apply the truth of God’s Word to their lives. The children will also recite their Bible memory verse to the leader.


This is a fun, interactive time for the children to be able to spend quality time with their friends and leaders. Kids develop friendships that we hope will carry them through life and encourage mutual discipleship.


Music is a vital part of the Christian life. Kids will remember songs far longer than lessons or sermons, so we sing songs of the Lord that are rooted in the truths of God's Word.


Church is not the only place children should be learning God’s Word. In fact, God designed the home to be the primary place where kids learn about Him and His Word. Adventure Club is designed as a way for parents to help their children plant God’s Word in their heart. The lesson books make it easy for parents to talk about the Bible with their children. There are also activities in the kid’s book for the kids to do at home.

what's included?

Adventure Club is free of charge, and all participants receive one student book every year. After every six-week term, kids enjoy a special reward night to celebrate their progress and earn their new trading pins. To get the most out of their Adventure Club experience, parents can purchase unique items like club t-shirts and messenger bags for their kids. Find out more about these bonus items when you arrive for the class.

safety and security

Lakeside Bible Church follows a strict set of policies to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved with Adventure Club. All Adventure Club volunteers must undergo national background checks and are trained in abuse prevention and reporting. Kids are only allowed to be checked in and out by individuals approved by their parents, and no child is ever left alone with less than two adult volunteers. We'd be happy to provide you with our safety and security manual when you arrive.

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