Join us for a new Bible reading challenge as we study through the book of Romans. Written by the Apostle Paul, Romans is a doctrinal treatise about the way of salvation, and it is an excellent book for us to study together. We have broken down the book into helpful increments, and the challenge is to read the entire book once a week. If you complete the challenge in its entirety, you will end up reading the book sixteen times before Thanksgiving! Here are a few things to consider as you join us in this challenge:

  • Use this document to track your progress. Display it in a place that you will see every day and be reminded to read the assigned chapters.
  • It might be helpful to do this as a family for daily devotions. Gathering around the table each evening to read and discuss the daily assignment will help your whole family grow in the knowledge of God together. 
  • Change up your routine to keep things from getting dry. One week, read each passage slowly with focused concentration. The following week, use an audio Bible to help you think through the themes in general. There are many ways that you can change your routine to help retain what you read.
  • Talk about your readings with others in the church. Ask someone to be an accountability partner, and meet once a week for coffee to discuss observations and questions about the text. This is a challenge for the entire church, so make your reading a corporate effort.