a culture of discipling

God never intended for the Christian life to be lived in isolation, and it's impossible to obey His commands without being active in discipling relationships within a local church. Discipling is when a believer intentionally helps another individual know, love, and follow Jesus. We desire to cultivate a culture of mutual discipling in which believers are constantly helping each other love, obey, and worship God. The starting point is faithfulness to the organized gatherings of the church, but these relationships will flourish when we intentionally engage with one another outside of those gatherings.

gospel partnership

We believe the starting point to fruitful discipleship is a covenant of gospel partnership, what many refer to as church membership. You don't have to covenant with our church to worship and involve yourself in discipling, but we believe a formal covenant is both biblical and helpful. Gospel partnership is discipleship, and we all need the accountability and commitment that comes from it. Read below to see how one becomes a gospel partner with Lakeside Bible Church.


The New Testament teaches that believer's baptism is a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ and identifies an individual with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. To partner with Lakeside, an individual must be a believer and have confessed their faith by baptism.


Every few months, we have a class for anyone who wants to learn more about gospel partnership with Lakeside Bible Church. This dinner is an opportunity for you to get to know more about the beliefs and practices of the church, and it's a great time of fellowship with the leadership of the church.



Before making a formal covenant with the church, we want you to have a meal with a pastor to answer any final questions or concerns. It's also a chance for the pastor to get to know you better and ensure that you believe the gospel and understand the importance of partnering with the church.


The final step is to formalize your covenant with the church in a regular Sunday worship service. This covenant works two ways--you covenant to submit your discipleship to the church, and the church in turn covenants to take responsibility for your spiritual welfare. It's a beautiful partnership!


On the first Sunday of every month, Lakeside Connect groups gather in the afternoon for fellowship, prayer, and Bible discussion. These groups are based on location rather than life-stage, so discipling relationships are multi-generational and built with the people who live closest to you. There are currently two groups divided by Highway 73, but we hope to eventually have one in each Lake Norman town. Lakeside Connect kicks off officially in March of 2022.

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men's and women's prayer breakfasts

These special times of prayer and fellowship are an excellent way to grow with other men and women in the church. They begin at 9:00am on the third Saturday of the month, alternating between men's and women's groups. Gatherings take place at the Acting Out Studio, and breakfast is provided free of charge. 

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