Our regular worship service takes place every Sunday morning at 10am. We currently meet in the Acting Out Studio, which is in the Old Town area of Cornelius. Look for signs on Highway 115 at the entrance of the parking lot. Consider arriving a few minutes early to grab some coffee and get settled in. 


The liturgy of our worship is filled with Scripture, prayer, and congregational singing, and everyone is encouraged to engage with heart and mind. We believe that true worship involves active participation, not passive observation. Together, we want to passionately praise, fervently pray, and open our hearts and minds to God's Word.


We believe that the Bible informs and guides our worship. Since God has revealed Himself and His purpose in His Word, we allow it to frame everything we do in our services. From the opening call to worship to the closing benediction, our worship is infused with the reading and teaching of the Bible.


God isn't interested in mere forms of worship, but He desires for us to show a true heart of worship. We do our best to avoid any notion of pretense in order to worship the Lord in spirit and truth. We do not want to put on a show or simply go through the motions of religious practice.


We believe that worship is for the entire family, and we invite all children to participate in the weekly worship service. A "cry room" is prepared for young ones who are especially active during the service. Though it may take a little getting used to, we believe family worship is fruitful and rewarding.


You will not find our worship services particularly flashy, but you will find them to be intentional. We want to be passionate and purposeful in all things. We long for the Holy Spirit to use God's Word to build up the church, and we deliberately work to saturate our prayers and songs with truth.

  • No. We certainly want to meet you, and we would love to get your name and email to follow up after your time with us. But we do not want to pressure you or cause you to feel uncomfortable.

  • We believe that worship is a family event, and we invite all children to participate in the worship service. A "cry room" is prepared for young ones who get restless or persistently vocal. This room has a speaker set up so that parents can still participate in the worship service.

  • We intentionally do not rush, and everyone is encouraged to slow down and spiritually rest as we worship together. A typical Sunday service will last about ninety minutes, but services that include The Lord's Supper may take a little longer.

  • We observe The Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of every month. We also observe it during special services throughout the year. 

  • No! Everyone is welcome and invited to attend our worship services. We would love to talk more about your beliefs and answer any questions you have.

  • We care passionately about congregational singing. Not only is it a vital part of corporate worship, but it is also a means by which we can encourage and teach one another. We care about two things when it comes to music, depth and sing-ability. The songs we sing are filled with biblical truth and are arranged in a way that is easy for everyone to sing. Subscribe to our free Spotify playlist to listen to songs we are currently singing.

  • Sorry about that! Send us an email, and we would be more than happy to get you an answer!